Mind-Boggling Quotes

Today at a Brown University conference with such legendary education giants as Nancy Sizer and Debbie Meier of Central Park East high school, NY, Debbie told us she learned from her school’s reunion that her now 40-year-old “kids” have retained their close relationships since graduating, and assist one another and have stayed friends.  This shows the powerful influence her school had on the students.  Debbie asked teachers here to be “troublemakers,” I was relieved when education sympathizers agreed with me that checking teacher lesson plans two weeks in advance made no sense.

At the session today I was told by a teacher that her school district bans using Chromebooks for writing and research.  She said the rationale was that technology should be used for more than just word processing.

I also learned another district didn’t allow teachers to email parents.  The reason was that one teacher had apparently communicated not very well to one parent, an uproar ensued, and email communication was shut down.

Please send me your outrage of the day; I’ll post anonymously.


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