Current State ELA test

The main big changes in this year’s 2019 Massachusetts ELA test are:

  • “Text-based writing” is extending a reading passage by writing an Argument, Essay, or Narrative piece.  Any of these three writing types will be tested this year. This writing is assessed on the five or so facets of your grade level Standards.
  • One extended Open Response question is in each test also.
  • “Conventions” of correct spelling, sentencing, punctuation are now weighted more heavily.
  • Text Evidence in reading passages questions now require a multiple choice selection of sentences from the passage to provide where the supporting text is for multiple choice reading questions, such as close reading.
  • The reading passages are complex: Students need the skills of using the visual clues from the visual that each passage has, read for the sentences one can comprehend, read through the full passage to get a general sense of it, then go to the questions to locate answers
  • The teacher must first do the computer test version to become familiar with the skills needed for the computer test, then the students must do the computer practice test so they understand the technical skills needed. (Most teachers find students don’t have too much trouble adapting to the computer testing version)
  • The computer test and good current Practice Tests are posted at

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