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ZOOM How-to videos

* TEACHING VIDEOS  Sample Zoom instructional video  Teaching art via Zoom, Art videos, Art curriculum:

Art teacher Jill:   “I really just hit the ground running with Zoom. I taught about    4-6 zoom classes a week in the spring and really the kids taught me the ropes.  My third graders told me how to mute all and spotlight and I just went for it.  Mostly demonstrating on the screen; I did not use any of the fancy features.  I’ve been making instructional videos for the DeYoung Museum which are available on our website. I’ve made 5 in all; they’re geared for kids, can be done by all ages.  It has been a huge learning curve but fun to go for it and glad to keep my job. Here are links to 2 of my videos and the web page that houses all of our videos so far.”

Jill’s videos:

  • Sample Remote Learning unit plans: Learning goal, Stepping Stones, Assessment:

Developing Vocabulary, Reading Skills, and Structured Writing with Special Needs Students

Middle School Science

High School Algebra Remote Learning unit

Persuasive writing gr 8

*  Edutopia Articles: (“Edutopia” good remote learning tips posts on Instagram):


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