Kay’s Writings | A Sea Change

This article uses the concept developed by science historian Thomas Kuhn of a paradigm shift, to shed light on the major shift in beliefs and action required under new national standards, new tests and new educator evaluation with the goal of closing the achievement gap.  The term paradigm shift describes the major change in belief system and work for scientists when work is disrupted.

Kuhn outlines how proposal of a new way of viewing their world shatters scientists’  learning and work, their belief system.  Kuhn shows how the shift in beliefs and work happens in the scientific profession over time, to adapt to a new way of thinking.  This process that Kuhn sees in the thinking and work of the scientific community sheds light on changes required in our work in schools today.

Second, attached below is the history of education reform leading to national standards and tests, with full participation of governors, legislators, and Presidential administrations carving the path.

A Sea Change

The Road to National Common Standards