Resources | NELMS 2017

Video clips of the traditional Socratic Seminar Fishbowl activity:

Socratic Seminar Fishbowl youtube videos

Tips for Success with new Fishbowl best practice in a Standards Learning and State Tests Era:

Tips for Socratic Seminar

Good poems to use for Fishbowl student-centered close reading and literary analysis:

“Mother to Son” extended metaphor, tone change, speaker:

Langston Hughes Crystal Stair

in Just-Spring poem

Pan, the god of Spring to clarify “goat-footed balloonman”


Casey at the Bat text evidence   Context clues for vocabulary, words create tone,change in tone, irony


Text based essay types of questions on MA state MCAS test


Modified UbD plan for Standards and state test era:

Understanding By Design Unit Plan Rubric French River March 2

DESEWhat is MCAS 2.0 powerpoint

Successful mcas Strategies