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Peer editing ideas to guide peers in viewing one another’s writing, saving teacher time, and the peer editor learns, the writer benefits!

Teacher Peer Edit Ideas

Teacher ideas suggestions to support struggling students and active student learning:  List of Scaffolding Activities




Excellent web sites for peer editing guides, graphic organizers, and good rubrics to guide student writing:

Tech to Ignite Learning Commn Core Writing class Summer 2015 Fr River

Anchor Standards

Concise Standards

Standards build from year to year:

Argument Writing gr 4,5,6 Grade LevelStandards

Research Build from year to year

Writing Revison Powerpoint star-method-of-revision

Writing Revison Powerpoint STAR

STAR Re-done Writing Revison Powerpoint star-method-of-revision

OREO and HAMBURGER    (poor for writing idea development; use as needed)


Seventh grade writing exemplar   High quality writing example





Argument Rubric Tom Brady issue  (Writing piece on “Deflategate”)

Brady essay Barbara

The Writing Process Twelve Steps

Writing to Text, Evidence-based argument

in Just-Spring poem

Casey at the Bat

Ferlinghetti poem

Rubrics to Guide and Assess Writing, for teacher conferencing

One file of writing rubrics:  Writing Rubrics 1

Writing Rubrics 2

Old Open Response MCAS form format, not ideas

Gr2_Argument Rubric Delaware Dept of Education

Opinion Writing Rubric First Grade

Kid-friendly Personal Narrative Rubric GR 4


Peer Edit Guides:



Rubric and Peer Edit

Self-or-Peer-Feedback-Checklist Keys to Literacy

Comprehensive Argument Checklist Keys to Literacy


Supporting Struggling Writers:  Florida Center for Reading Research


Common Core Writing learning plans, sample plans:

Grade 2  Realistic Fiction  Realistic Fiction writing grade 2

Grade 4   Historical Fiction Grade 4

Grade 4   Gr 4 Opinion Writing

Science Journal writing

Grade 5   Opinion Writing grade 5

Revising and Editing Narrative Writing Grade 5

High school    High School English Argument Writing

High School argument writing (struggling writers)