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Elementary session: “MCAS 2.0” Workshop

Released MCAS 2.0 sample tests (February, 2017)

“MCAS 2.0” Powerpoint

What is MCAS 2.0

Mindset and PLC’s for improved learning   mindset-plc-powerpoint

MCAS 2.0 Powerpoint Focus lesson on Paraphrasing:  paraphrasing-power-point

Writing revision/ peer edit   star-re-done-writing-revison-powerpoint-star-method-of-revision

HANDOUT    mcas-2-0-elementary

MCAS 2.0 sample tests

PARCCsample tests:

DESE-approved test graphic organizers for Special Ed

Concise Standards   concise-standards

Kindergarten Standards   kindergarten-reading-writing-ccss

First grade Standards   first-grade-reading-and-writing-state-standards

Second grade Standards  2-second-grade-reading-writing-ccss

Third grade Standards  third-grade-reading-and-writing-standards-gr-3

Fourth grade Standards   fourth-grade-reading-and-writing-standards

Fifth grade Standards   fifth-grade-reading-and-writing-standards

Grades 3 – 5 Standards  reading-standards-gr-3-5

First grade Standard learning unit   opinion-first-grade

Gr 2 Realistic fiction  writing unit  gr-2-realistic-fiction-writing

Gr 3 Opinion Writing, the Writing Process  gr-3-opinion-writing-writing-process

Narrative writing facets  Narrative Writing gr 3 – 5