Resources | Salem State Oct 20 2014

Salem State Collaborative workshop  materials Oct 20 2014 Technology and Standards Learning

These are the files used in this workshop on Integrating Technology with Common Core Reading and Writing Standards Learning.  Using Next Practice, Removing the burden from teachers for student as worker, making learning fun with technology, differentiating instruction with technology, engaging all students, student collaboration for learning

A. Readings  Mentor Texts as good examples of Common Core Reading Skills

Harvest Moon poem   Harvest Moon

In Just-Spring  poem in Just-Spring when the world is mud-luscious

Me and Bill The End of Love   Bill Norah Ephron Me and Bill the End of Love

A Machu Pecchu Tech Learning

Images convey intended meanings

B Technology to Ignite Learning Powerpoint

One student research project that focuses on technology use, student collaboration

C Handout Use Technology for Common Core Standards Learning

List of ideas for technology to engage students

D 8th Grade Paraphrasing Powerpoint for Research

Teacher-created skill explanation to teach needed skill

E Prezi, YouTube clips

Prezi presentation application, Excellent examples of teaching YouTube clips

F Web questThird Grade Important People Webquest

Capture internet sites for scaffolded children’s research